Bowtie Risk Management



This training introduces Bowtie methodology (one of many barrier risk models) and examines the various analysis components. A ‘bowtie’ is a diagram that visualizes the risk you are dealing with in just one, easy to understand picture. The diagram is shaped like a bow-tie, creating a clear differentiation between proactive and reactive risk management. The power of a Bowtie diagram is that it gives you an overview of multiple plausible scenarios, in a single picture.


In short, bowtie diagrams provides a simple, visual explanation of a risk that would be much more difficult to explain otherwise. Bowtie analysis is an increasingly popular approach to help managing risk in daily operations. This training provides critical review of the method’s benefits, limitations and practical uses, with hands-on practice in applying the technique.

  • Barrier Based Risk Management
  • Control Theory in Risk Management
  • Steps in BowTie methodology
  • Usage of BowTieXP Software (trial version)
  • To prepare HSE and Risk professionals to undertake qualitative risk assessment using Bowtie methodology.
  • To understand the principle of risk assessment and how accident can be prevented.
  • To understand the essential elements involved in an accident.
  • To understand the principle of barrier based risk assessment.
  • To be able to carry out an effective risk assessment through brainstorming session.
  • Currently available for in-house training only.
    • Duration:
    • 2 days of training
      • HRDF Claimable:
      • SBL Scheme