Integrate HIRARC into HEMP

using Bowtie Method

We at Khalil Trading and Services believes by integrating your current HIRARC into HEMP using Bowtie methodology helps to improve the current risk assessment to a higher standard. Our 5 Stages-of-Integration will ensure smooth and satisfactory integration for you organization.

Stage I – Conversion from Existing HIRARC to Bowtie

With reference to the current Hazard & Effects Register (HER), a Hazard Identification (HazID) Workshop will need to be conducted in order to determine the Major Accident Hazards (MAH). For each of the MAH’s identified, a bowtie diagram shall be developed. Further progress shall be based on the number of hazards identified.

A Bowtie Development Workshop is required to find any controls or barriers that are related to the MAH’s identified during HazID Workshop. We will facilitate the brainstorming session while the client shall assist in providing all the necessary information and technical expertise related to the MAH’s previously identified.

Stage II – Hazard & Effect Management Process (HEMP) Development

Bowties are capable of centralising all information related to a certain hazard. In order to maximise to capabilities of a Bowtie diagram, other information may be requested such as:

  1. Job Titles
  2. Critical Activities (list of routine and non-routine activites)
  3. List of Competencies
  4. Others

Upon receiving all of the above documentation, we shall perform the linking between information to the respective barriers. A joint-review session shall be conducted at client’s office, to ensure accuracy and availability of information.

Stage III – Training and Awareness

We shall provide awareness and training to the selected workers and staff. These services shall be provided as per client’s request. Our training services as follows: 

  1. Basic HIRARC
  2. HIRARC with the Aid of BowTie
  3. Hazards and Effects Management Process

Stage IV – Implementation and Monitoring

Client shall nominate a suitable site, or any suitable project/area/division, to implement the Bowtie diagram and monitor the project for a course of 60-days. During the course of implementation, we shall conduct weekly visits in order to provide assistance to the site staff’s. 

This is crucial to identify any remaining gaps that might have been overlooked during Stage I or Stage II .

A set of questionnaire will be developed to monitor the effectiveness of the implementation at site. The survey shall be implemented using BowtieXP Audit features or any other agreed method.

Stage V – Reporting

At the completion of the project, a full report will be produced containing all the data’s during Stage I to Stage IV. The reports that shall be produced are as follows: 

  1. Hazard and Effects register (HER)
  2. Critical Activity Catalogue (CAC)
  3. Remedial Action Plan (RAP)
  4. Full Bowtie Report