Incident Investigation

As the leading third-party investigator team in Malaysia, our team are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to conduct an investigation for your organization. Whether it is at gas plant or construction site, our team are capable to deliver detailed and thorough incident investigation for your organisation.

Investigation will be using Tripod Beta methodology facilitated by accredited Tripod Beta Practitioners. We are offering you the chance to gain some new perspective on how the incident investigation process can be completed within 7-days (depending on the availability of information).

Our offer includes a presentation to the client’s management to present the findings of the investigation and recommendations for client’s improvement.

  1. Initial Incident Details
  2. Terms of Reference
  3. Report Introduction
  4. Method of Work
  5. Plan the Investigation
  6. Development of Storyboard (Sequence of Events)
  7. Tripod Beta Analysis Diagram
  8. Findings
  9. Recommendations
  10. Summary / Conclusion
  11. Full Incident Investigation Report in editable MS Word Format.

If you or your family relatives involved in a work-related accident, please contact our partner at Pertubuhan Pembela Mangsa Kemalangan Industri by clicking this link.